Your website is done, your shopping cart is setup. But how do you integrate your web presence with the rest of your business operations?

CommuniCommerce is the answer.

CommuniCommerce is a full featured Commerce Server. It is centrally located, backed up and managed at our hosting facility. It is a central repository of all your business logic and data so that a variety of other programs can connect in and keep your data synchronized.

In fact, CommuniSite and CommuniCart are simply applications that connect to and interact with the CommuniCommerce server. Other programs we provide are currently under development including Point of Sale systems, Order Fulfillment systems, Store Delivery systems, Customer Resource Management (CRM) systems. All of these programs simply connect over the Internet to the CommuniCommerce Server and keep your business completely in sync.

Can I write programs that interact with CommuniCommerce?

Absolutely! The interaction with CommuniCommerce is via the SOAP standard. At sign up, we will provide to you a WSDL containing over one hundred methods of interaction. You can:

  • Get the details of all your transactions
  • Have CommuniCommerce resend out transactions
  • Ring up a new sale and collect payment (charge credit cards / echecks)
  • Import customers and set a beginning balance
  • Record invoices, payments and credits created in other billing systems (and then customers can pay their bill online)
  • Get real-time shipping rate quotes
  • Setup categories and items
  • Get current inventory levels

I'm an applications developer that wants to write programs I can sell that work with CommuniCommerce, what can you do for me?

We will setup a test store instance for you and provide the WSDL. Once your application is complete we will market it to our existing clients and publish information about your application on our website.