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CommuniSite Services


What is CommuniCart?

CommuniSite is the basis of all the services. CommuniSite is a hosted content management system. While impressive and functional, it is by no means exhaustive as to what can be done on the Internet. To extend CommuniSite into the world of shopping


What is CommuniCommerce?

eCommerce means different things to different people. For some, it means selling directly to the consumer. Other times, it means selling to another company that have different payment terms, different discounts and special pricing. To solve this p


Why was CommuniSite created?

CommuniSite is the product of many years of coding our client's websites. We often found that we used the exact same elements over and over when building a website. It would be more affordable to the customer and more efficient for us if we could p


Who is Austin Michael Internet Solutions?

Austin Michael Internet Solutions is the company that created and support CommuniSite. Austin Michael Internet Solutions was founded in 1999 and has been creating high quality websites ever since. Throughout the years we have sold Internet Access s