CommuniCart enjoys all the benefits and features of CommuniSite, but takes it further by providing a full featured shopping cart engine.

The creators of CommuniCart tried other shopping cart engines like Miva Merchant, Zen Cart, and osCommerce to power their clients' sites (yes, we will confidently name alternatives since our system is better). The result was endless technical support issues with the shopping cart systems, hours of training time for the client to use the complicated interfaces they provide, and frustrated customers. CommuniCart ends all that. It really is "Check Out Simplicity."

How do you make the perfect shopping cart?
Keep it simple enough for the average person to use and functional enough for the power user to love.

Here is a list of some of the many features CommuniCart offers:

  • Watermarking of product images
  • Multimedia previews of products
  • Inventory tracking
  • Production Configurations (for example, a shirt can have a selection of colors and sizes) with inventory tracking for each possible configuration
  • Live Payment Processing through or LinkPoint. Need to process through someone else? Let us know, we most likely can add it
  • Gift Certificates
  • Gift Registry
  • Sales Report Charts and Graphs
  • Customer Newsletters
  • Multiple "On Sale" options for products and product categories
  • Quantity discount pricing
  • Custom detailed order receipts
  • Multiple shipping methods including downloads of digital media
  • Product layouts chosen store wide and can be overridden per category
  • Promotional discount codes
  • and much more

Visit the Demo Store Here: