Why Use CommuniSite over Joomla, Mambo, etc?

CommuniSite is a hosted Content Management Solution. It is built and maintained by Austin Michael Internet Solutions which gives it many advantages:

  • There is a person to call when you have a question.
  • There isn't a complicated setup and installation process, your site just works!
  • New features are added constantly and are made available to all sites. Other systems require you to reinstall for the latest updates and bug fixes.
  • CommuniSite also provides email and other Internet services.

And also unlike the others, CommuniSite has an easy to use intuitive interface that makes managing a website effortless for anyone! The Administration interface for your website allows you to:


Adding Links

Managing GoogleMaps
  • Change templates or upload new ones just for your site.
  • Add keywords and descriptions for the search engines (we also generate keywords and descriptions based upon the keywords in your page for better ranking).
  • View web traffic statistics with charts and graphs including which keywords most effectively led traffic to your site.
  • Create an unlimited number of pages for your website and update them whenever you want
  • Quickly give your site News and Blogs. Add images to each article and blog entry.
  • Place a GoogleMap right on your site and add multiple locations to the map
  • Create multiple calendars throughout your website with events that can span days, weeks and months
  • Setup a MediaGallery capable of displaying pictures, audio, video and PDFs. The MediaGallery will autocreate preview images from the PDFs and video. All images will be autosized into small, medium, and large.
  • Add a Contact Form for your customers to get ahold of you. Use another contact form to setup a survey. You control which questions are asked and how your visitor answers.
  • Easily manage links to other sites by categorizing them and uploading a representative image for them
  • Automatically setup a FAQ for your site by entering questions and their answers. Easy as filling out a form.

Add Shopping Cart FunctionalityAdd Full B2B Functionality